tank he was holding fell to the ground with a crackle, and the clear water spread all over, and the Naxi narcissus soaked in it fell on the ground. You are finally back! The vague voice, like the tongue in the mouth is too fat and inflexible, it is hard to hear if you don’t pay attention, it’s a bit naive. This tone is often reserved for the mentally handicapped. Many beggars in Coron speak this way. Some are true cerebral palsy and some are for sympathy. But this sentence came out of the mouths of the two giants, Huo Ha Er, and its meaning was quite different. Suddenly, Richard felt a thunderbolt on the sunny day, and his whole body was sluggish on the spot: You can talk? ! The two of them are much smarter than the average trolls. There is no problem in learning a simple common language, but no one has taught them. Madam Melissa smiled slightly. Anyway, I have had a lot of time recently, so I tried it and it was a big success. Grandma is the most patient. Annie took Melissa’s arm and smiled sweetly. Pretty! Richard sincerely admired. Lord Lord, of course, had known for a long time that the Second General Humha had gone through wars since he followed him and had been promoted several times. With their current panel attributes, although they are still inferior to the average human level, it is still biased to continue to treat them as mentally handicapped. It’s just that he never thought that he could teach them the lingua franca—for the caster, this step was undoubtedly a qualitative breakthrough. Being able to learn a language means that from now on it is possible to improve oneself by learning, instead of relying on talent forever. That means a broader future! Lord Lord has been with the people around him countless times, and his thoughts should not be too rigid, but in fact, when it is his turn, how can he jump out of the nest every time? Dad, we miss you so much! The second general Huo Ha sat down in front of the lord, and immediately crowded the not-forgiving space. They watched Richard’s eyes