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me. What are you going to do? Roland also asked him to bring three blacksmiths and their respective apprentices to learn the use of milling machines in the yard. It is impossible for him to personally operate these machine tools every day, so he must train a group of professional workers. After everyone gave their salutes respectfully, Roland began to demonstrate how to use a milling machine to machine gears. He didn’t mind being a senior fitter in front of everyone. In fact, there are all kinds of princes in this era, and their hobbies are also diverse. In addition, he has been indifferent before, and there is no pressure to operate the machine. The chief knight is on the sidelines to help him dump the warm lard-in the age when there is no oil lubrication, it is a waste to replace it with lard, but it is better than nothing. The lard is poured over the grinding plate and then falls into the porcelain basin below, which can be used repeatedly. Roland first engraved the marks of the teeth on the chainring according to the designed angle, then erected the chainring and fixed it on the worktable. Then pull the grinding disc to the top of the gear disc, align the marking line, and step on the pedal. The pedal drives the wooden wheel, and the power is transmitted to the grinding wheel shaft through the belt. Then he held the handle of the grinding disc with his hand and gently pulled down, and the rotating grinding disc slowly cut into the tooth disc at a 90-degree angle. Since the material of the tooth disc is pig iron and the grinding disc is steel after quenching, it is not very laborious to cut the tooth marks. The smell of lard permeated the scene, making the blacksmiths and apprentices who hadn’t tasted meat for a long time swallowed their mouths. After the demonstration, the contract is signed. The commerce in Border Town is still in its infancy, and there is no way to talk about the industry. Whether it is a steam engine or a machine tool, there will be no such thing as a phenomenon that shops are scrambling t