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The accompanying guards consisted of only a hundred people, and only six guards were brought in at the banquet. They pretended to be hard-line and didn’t give anyone any room to retreat. All actions are just to lure them into action! Escorting the mine? But the other party didn’t intend to let the remaining nobles go, if they were to fight back, I’m afraid the new king would only feel disappointed. That’s right, that’s the expected smile. Expecting them to follow the trajectory he laid down to step into the abyss, and expect them to dig their own graves-only in this way can the new king feel happy. It’s just that this smile is full of malice for George, so he doesn’t notice the smile that he should be, but instead feels cold. “Let us go, let us go” “Your Majesty, I surrender!” “Me too, the Leviathan family swears allegiance to you!” “I will give you everything you want! Please forgive me!” The situation took a turn for the worse. The bad nobles knelt down and begged for mercy. It was clear that they still accounted for the majority. There were only four enemies, but the scene was surrounded by them. It was late, George lowered his sword feebly, and when the crowd pulled their weapons from their waists, they had become Roland’s rebels. Emotions of unwillingness, stubbornness, fear and anger alternately appeared, but in the end they returned to nothingness under a long sword cut from behind. The sound of fighting and begging for mercy faded away. The last thing he saw was the sloping hall and blood puddles on the floor. Text Chapter VIII The feeling of black pearl is really wonderful. Please search (60 Literature) to see the most complete! Edith, the newest novel, took a deep breath, savoring the bloody smell of the air. And the fear spreading in the hearts of everyone. The encirclement was rapidly shrinking, and the so-called resistance only lasted for a short period of time before being broken by the impossibly offensive of the God Punishment Witch. In the eyes of these remnants of Taqila, the nobles and ordina