for whether the mounts are scarce or the rider is rare, it is still unknown. But in general, this is good news for Border Town. At least he doesn’t have to worry about a group of demons bypassing the southern hills and mountains, straight into the western hinterland to burn, kill, and looting. In addition, the devil has magical powers is also an important discovery. According to Nightingale’s report, despite the scarcity of magic power, the enemy chasing after him did form a cyclone and was very eye-catching in the fog. However, the way they stimulate magic power seems to be completely different from that of witches. They are not through themselves, but rely on some kind of mechanism, such as the luminous stone, to release their power. Therefore, they are not as varied as the witch’s ability, but more like mass-produced ones. Standard weapons. Of course these are just speculations, but it is a pity that all the devil’s bodies fell into the sea, and Roland couldn’t further verify it. The last point is architecture. Those short and slender blackstone spires are not the residence of the devil, and the materials are also very strange, and the surface is not corroded by the red mist. Some stone towers are empty inside, while others are filled with red liquid, which is similar to storage tanks. Could it be that the red mist in the sky is formed by the vaporization of these liquids? And the devil did not expand further into the wild land or even the four kingdoms because of the limited gas coverage? In any case, based on all the intelligence, they will not threaten the security of Border Town for the time being. However, Roland knew in his heart that since they drove mankind out of the wilderness more than four hundred years ago, he might be swept again someday. He must prepare for this day. Due to the high blood loss, Roland lay in bed early after only dealing with the few decree left behind after nightfall. Sitting on the bedside and flipping through half of a history book, I was about to blow the candles to sleep w

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