y, this practice is commonplace, and it’s not unusual at all. But at this moment, the rape in the field is not only alive, but also blooming vigorous and dense yellow flowers in accordance with the season. Although it’s just a very ordinary thing, but in this kind of environment, you can still see such a vibrant rapeseed, which makes people can’t help but doubt their eyes. Richard reached out his hand and pinched half of the leaf. He started with turquoise juice. Then he believed that it was not a fake flower. You left? He pointed to the rape blossoms and asked. Yeah, it’s pretty. Then why set off such a scale of undead disaster. Ah, I know that most people should be more concerned about this issue. Richard, I am not very familiar with you, so please forgive me for asking. Obviously it is the culprit who has desolate countless creatures. Belluni seems to be polite and polite as a gentleman at the moment, and he said without hesitation, do you have that kind, don’t hesitate to give everything for it, and to complete the destruction of the whole world Thing? Chapter 372: Belluni obviously did not expect to get a response from Richard’s mouth, and went on to say: Many people actually don’t, but I do, and I know that Sargerei also has. We want to break the upper limit of the vindictive system, pave the way for advanced sword masters, and become the first person unprecedented in history! Do you know that during the time when Fleisch was a hostage, although it may seem downright, it is worth my life. There are like-minded friends and lovers who depend on each other. We call ourselves the Seven Musketeers of the Fleisches, and we burn our youth together for our common ideals. How wonderful! He smiled and recollected. What does this have to do with undead? Be patient, young people please be patient, this will be a long story. Richard shrugged, threw the rape leaves into the garden, and listened quietly. It’s a pity that all attempts ended in failure. You should know that fighting Qi originated from magic. W