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I plan to establish a new department to supervise the city hall and arrest other individuals or groups that might endanger the stability of the West. This department only needs to be responsible to me and is completely independent of the city hall and the First Army. He said word by word, I will temporarily name it “Western Security Bureau”, and want you to be in charge. I? She blinked. That’s right, only you can easily tell the truth from the fake. Any deceitful trick is meaningless in front of you. Roland nodded, how about it? If you want, I can offer you afternoon tea with ice cream alone in winter, and Nightingale gently pinched his hand, even if you don’t say this, I will promise you-as long as you want to do it Thing. Roland suddenly felt embarrassed. She smiled and didn’t let the silence go on, but what should I do? Well, the supervision part is very simple. The prince adjusted his emotions. I will set up a report box at the entrance of the castle area. You only need to check the report letter inside. Wanting to close this issue with the least cost is undoubtedly mobilizing the masses to supervise, and Let the city hall supervise itself, just like arresting the spies who got into Border Town during the evil moon last year. This method is not easy to use in later generations because it takes a lot of effort to verify whether it is the reporting object or the reporting person itself. At the same time, there are also cases of false reports and false reports, let alone deliberate framing. These shortcomings do not exist in the face of Nightingale’s ability. It is easy to verify the information. You only need to ask face-to-face-if the report is accurate, rewards will be given, and false reports will be punished. Implementing around these two points, the reporting system will definitely be extremely efficient . As for maintaining the stability of the Western Territory and eliminating threats and hidden dangers, it is more like an internal intelligence system. I will slowly expand the manpower for you until yo