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News - Otaku, No Video Intelligent analysis of anime, manga, and their industries. Wed, 23 Apr 2014 06:39:07 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-gb JAL Offers a K-ON! Themed Tour of Finland and London K-ON! (c) kakifly, Kyoto AnimationHow popular is K-ON! in Japan? JAL (the major Japanese airline) is offering a 5-day tour package to Finland and London, mirroring Tsumugi's trip and the band's trip from the upcoming K-ON! movie.

The flights leave from Japan, though, so us westerners will just have to keep dreaming.

Source: ANN

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There's a New Girl Mascot Ninico Edomura's Zunko TohokuA Japanese company, SSS, has created a new mascot girl in support of the Great East Japan Earthquake: Zunko Tohoku.

Apparently, the Tohoku area is famous for a soybean-based cake, which is Zunko's theme. The 17-year-old high school student specializes in archery, using a soybean-based bow.

There's even an Android app where you can play archery with Zunko, leveling her up and unlocking wallpapers.

Moreover, Zunko is copyright-free, so you can use her however you want.

Exactly how this will support victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake remains unclear to me.

Either way, hentai doujinshis featuring Zunko released in 3...2....

Source: ANN

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Black Rock Shooter TV Anime Promo I don't normally link to trailers, but this is interesting to compare the TV version to the OVA version:

Click here to jump to the website for the upcoming Black Rock Shooter TV series.

Click here for the first trailer for last year's Black Rock Shooter OVA.

Of course, the OVA had a much bigger budget and probably a longer production schedule than the upcoming TV series, in terms of production time per minute of footage released. So the question is: how can they make the TV series intriguing when they can't make it look better? Especially when the OVA was visually inventive on practically every level?

The solution: don't try to out-do the OVA. Tell a story, and concentrate on interesting camera angles, not amazing animation.

Looks like the TV staff is taking that approach. It doesn't blow me away visually the way the OVA did. But it looks interesting.

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Live-Action Akira News: Two Casting Choices That Are Actually Perfect Okay, so the live-action Hollywood Akira movie has been green-lit. That means that actors are being offered roles.

Two roles that have already been offered: Gary Oldman as the Colonel and Helena Bonham-Carter as Lady Miyako (the fat cult lady who pops up in the street occasionally in the film).

Gotta admit, I can't think of better casting for those two roles.

Garrett Hedlund (Sam in Tron: Legacy) is apparently in talks to play Kaneda, a role that should fit him well.

Folks, this might actually work.

Source: The Press Association on Google

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Second Macross Frontier Movie Sells 142,607 Copies on Blu-Ray in First Week The title says it all. 142,000 copies in a week. Man, Macross is popular.

Unfortunately, because it was sold via game retailers and not traditional ones, it won't show up in the normal Oricon rankings.

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25% of Japanese are otaku? 'Un Otaku' by naixn on FlickrANN reports on a Yano Research Institute poll of of over 10,000 Japanese. When asked, "Do you think that you are an 'otaku' or have you been called an 'otaku' by other people?", 25.5% answered yes. Even more shocking, this is only a 5% increase from last year, so 20% of Japanese were identified as otaku last year.

Now, Yano points out the new "light otaku" trend, which includes gamers and other casual fans--the ones listening to Hatsune Miku songs or playing Love Plus. It's a bit like identifying everyone in America who buys comics as a "comics fan."

Separately, Yano dug into the numbers to estimate the size of each segment of the otaku marketplace for 2011:

  • Online games ($4.15 billion)
  • Electronic comics ($921 million)
  • Doujinshi ($897 million)
  • Idols ($747 million)
  • Adult videos ($709 million)
  • Cosplay outfits ($439 million)
  • Light novels ($437 million)
  • Figures ($402 million)
  • Plastic models ($349 million)
  • Adult games ($332 million)
  • Boys-love ($288 million)
  • Railroad models, including dioramas ($210 million)
  • Dolls ($182 million)
  • Dating sims ($180 million)
  • Pro wrestling ($160 million)
  • Maid- and cosplay-related services ($126 million) [does this include cosplay cafes?]

Man. You gamers really are driving the market, aren't you?

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What do young Japanese women think is moe? In August, the Japanese portal site Cobs Online polled 484 young women, asking them to choose manga that they thought were moe. They did the same for men, and here are the results:

Women Men
Honey and Clover Lucky Star
Lucky Star Strawberry Marshmallow
Negima! Hayate the Combat Butler
Strawberry Marshmallow Azumanga Daioh

The fact that girls find Negima! more moe than, say, Strawberry Marshmallow surprises me. Just goes to show the fluidity of the term moe.

Source: ANN

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Watch Hatsune Miku "Live" in U.S. Theaters Want to see the virtual idol Hatsune Miku "live?" Live in the U.S.? You're in luck!

On November 10th, you can go to one of a few "select theaters" (only in certain major metropolitan areas, that is) at 7:00pm and catch a simulcast of the "Live in SAPPORO" concert.

All you need to do is live in:

  • Baltimore, MD
  • Boston, MA
  • Chicago, IL
  • Houston, TX
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • New York, NY
  • Orange, CA
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Seattle, WA

Check out the original ANN article for details.

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2011 Will Be Toei Animation's Best Year Ever (Finanically, At Least) Toei logoToei Animation, company responsible for Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, Sailor Moon, Digimon, Precure, Fist of the North Star, Kinnikuman, Mazinger Z, Voltron, and a host of other moderately-animated series, has updated its expected revenue and profits for this year. If these trends continue, 2011 will mark Toei's highest revenues ever.

How much does that translate to for an anime behemoth? US $381 million (current yen equivalent) in revenue, and $53 million in profits. Not bad!

Congratulations to Toei!

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Funimation finally streaming Future Diary, C3, and Maken-Ki For some reason, Nico Nico didn't simulcast Future Diary, C3, or Maken-Ki when they aired. They finally got their simulcasts going, which means that now Funimation is streaming them as well. Yay!

Funimation's now streaming the first 2 episodes of Future Diary, the first 3 of Maken-Ki, and the first 4 of C3. More legal, simulcasting anime! Always a good thing.

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