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o buy them as soon as they are manufactured. In this era, most people will not realize the huge significance of these things and the potential commercial value. So Roland can only actively promote the use of machinery. He stipulated in the contract that the blacksmith shop that uses the milling machine needs to process at least one set of gears every week. The required materials are provided by the castle and the processing fee is 10 silver dragons. At the same time, you must pay 2 silver dragons for mechanical use every week fee. Because this set of machine tools is not given to the smithy for free use, but is more similar to lease. After entering the Moon of Evil Demon, the business of the blacksmith shop has also dropped a lot. At this time, there is a chance to make money. It is the order that the prince personally confessed. Naturally, everyone has no objection. At the same time, Roland told them that this is only the first milling machine, and that several will be produced in the future. Those who are interested can apply to the city hall. “His Royal Highness, why don’t you just write the processing fee as 8 silver dragons in the contract?” Carter asked inexplicably after the blacksmiths left. “Although the two numbers are the same, the meanings are not the same,” Roland explained. “This is probably the first commercial lease contract in Border Town. I need to establish an industry standard.” The chief knight wiped his forehead. His Royal Highness the Fourth Prince seems to be talking nonsense again, but he already has experience in this, as long as he pretends to listen carefully, His Royal Highness will continue to explain. “With a good start, a virtuous circle can be formed. At present, only I need to buy gears, so I provide machine tools. They pay manpower and get paid as employment remuneration. In the future, when other people also have this kind of demand, they will Realizing that buying a machine tool for production on their own will earn a lot more than the hiring remuneration,” Roland paused, “In