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re you can gain an advantage in future battles. It was compelling to set off without detailed information. Now that she had a reliable source of intelligence, she had no choice but to make a little “sacrifice.” Just accompany the two little guys to toss. “It can’t be counted as a building, it’s just a place created by nature.” Lightning quickly raised the bonfire and lit up the inside of the stump. “The insects bored it, and the upper half fell in the wind and rain. The branches And the leaves just filled the trunk, forming a natural roof. As for the window holes and door panels, they were cut out by Maisie. There are many footholds like this in the wild land. As long as they are careful enough, explorers will never lack A campsite sheltered from wind and rain.” The other party’s answer unexpectedly made her feel reliable. With the swaying firelight, Luo Jia noticed that the simple door leaf and window panels were nailed with latches, which could effectively prevent uninvited guests from breaking in; a bonfire was cut out from above. The smoke outlet that can be opened and closed can obviously be used to escape in emergency; the firewood is placed on a higher ground to prevent it from being soaked by water. Two drains leading to the outdoors have been dug on the ground, so although some It smells rotten, but it doesn’t feel soggy. There are many similar details, which are not something that a minor child can master. She couldn’t figure out the details of the expedition for a while. Maisie took out the jerky from his backpack while humming the untuned coco melody, and baked it on the campfire. Lightning took out the various seasoning jars he held around his waist and sprinkled them evenly on the surface of the jerky. The two cooperated quite tacitly. Obviously it was not the first time to do such a thing. Soon, the enticing scent spreads through the trunk. “Eat,” Lightning handed a skewer to her. Luo Jia took the barbecue, hesitated for a while, then slowly put it into his mouth. The rich and delicious taste sudde