about fifty meters away from the hot air balloon, this distance is simply not reachable-spreading the fog in the sky is easy to fall and fall. The higher the distance from the ground, the fewer “lines” that flash past. Time stays on a line, and when the direction and up and down change, oneself is likely to be torn into several pieces. Probably the enemy also realized that once the hot air balloon hits the ground, things may become tricky. A devil waved his three-finger left hand, shouting something, and then he pulled up. The mounted mount rushed straight towards the hot air balloon. And the other one swooped at the lightning, and the evil beast flapping its huge wings was like a falcon catching chicks, making her evade for a while. As Nightingale expected, in addition to relying on flexible actions to protect itself, it was difficult for Lightning to target the opponent and fire. The other witches even stopped shooting for fear of hurting the little girl. The devil heading for the hot air balloon drove the mount to bite and scratch at the airbag. Fortunately, Soraya’s coating was tough enough that the claws and teeth of the mixed-species evil beast were difficult to embed in it. Seeing that this trick was ineffective, it roared and flew away for a while, seeming to want to use the method of impact to make the hot air balloon lose its balance. Nightingale has seen the best opportunity. Unfolding the mist, when a faintly luminous line appeared on the top of her head, she stepped up without hesitation, and stood directly on the airbag as the outline of the hot air balloon changed. Although her body was parallel to the ground, she seemed to walk flat on the ground and quickly climbed to the top of the balloon. The devil also just rushed straight at this time. In the black and white world, Nightingale was surprised to find that there was a sparse magical cyclone slowly rotating in the opponent’s body, and a gleaming stone was embedded on that thin arm. They have magic power? But it’s not the time to pay attention to