e west of the North Slope Mine

ldn’t ask for too much, but now he couldn’t help but feel the dust. Perhaps as far as Tilly is concerned, even if she is not blood related, she is trustworthy and affirmed enough to be an ally. “Yes, this is too close to the border wall, please leave as soon as possible!” “Guards, where are the guards?” “All come to make way for your majesty!” At this time, other people also reacted and shouted loudly. With the alarm reverberating in the air, the scene seemed quite chaotic for a while. Infected by the tension of the crowd, Roland finally recovered. He couldn’t help frowning. Did the garrison spot the devil? He looked to the west of the North Slope Mine and now it was Sylvie who was in charge of guarding. The possibility of false alarms was very low. Ten of them should be the devil who can sound the highest alarm by the border troops. But aren’t they lacking red mist and in a dormant state? Or is there a new supply of Taqila Ruins? Although I wanted to take a look at the city wall in person, now that Nightingale is not there and the main force of the First Army is still on the way home, it is better not to increase the burden on the defenders. On the way down the mountain, he called Wendy and said, “No matter what happens to the city wall, tell me immediately if there is news.” “Yes,” the latter replied solemnly. Sylvie watched the enemies approaching, sweating in her hands. This is not the first time she saw the devil, but the other party brought her The sense of oppression has always followed. One, two, three, four, five, six altogether six dread beasts lined up and swept from the grassland towards Neverwinter City. Under the observation of the magic eye, every detail of the enemy is clearly distinguishable. As Elcha mentioned, not every dread beast carries a madman, two of which are tied with a pile of bone-like containers on their backs, just like workhorses dedicated to carrying loads. If you zoom in further, you can see the red mist surging in the container. Obviously, they carried out this long-distance rai