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why there are different kinds of evil beasts acting in groups. They should be driven by this mixed species.” Like a lion driving a flock? Roland nodded, “This is very different from the one you met last time.” “It’s also the first time I have seen this type of hybrid. Although it looks clumsy, don’t be careless. Mixed species, I’m afraid it’s hard to deal with.” “It’s almost in range,” Roland said, “Try it with a bow and arrow first.” At this time, there is light snow in the sky and the changing north wind is blowing. It is not suitable for archery. the weather. But the two hunters selected by the iron axe looked confident. They boarded the watchtower, distinguished the downwind direction, and threw arrows into the air. These two sharp arrows appear to have eyes long. After rising to the highest point, under the influence of wind and gravity, they land on the target carapace at an almost vertical angle. As expected, the arrow was bounced directly, and Roland even heard a bounce sound in his mind. The two of them did not rush, and continued to draw arrows, and soon shot two waves in succession. The last volley was effective, and the landing They are all in front of the monster, one of the sharp arrows accurately landed on the wolf’s head, and the other was inserted into the target’s neck. However, the opponent did not yell in anger or speed up the sprint, it just paused for a moment, then retracted its head and feet into the shell and continued to push forward slowly. This change left everyone stunned. The evil beast at the moment looked like a tank with the ground lowered, with the lower edge of the carapace almost touching the front of the ground, so that even a good archer would not be able to shoot an arrow into its body. “Get the gun,” Roland ordered. Now the target is only fifty feet away from the city wall, even if it is a flintlock rifle that has not been rifled, there is no need to worry about missing it. Carter, Iron Axe and others immediately approached the retaining wall, set the barrel horizon