can barely be understood, the monster

this way, when facing new things, they can first avoid risks by replacing production. , I can also get rewards by renting, and the subsequent development of new things is determined by market demand. This is a virtuous circle.” Chapter list Chapter 48 Assembly number Chapter list Chapter 49 Mixed species ps. Today’s update is here, and by the way, you can vote for the starting point 515 Fan Festival. Everyone has 8 votes. Voting will also give away starting point coins. I beg your support and appreciation! Roland rubbed his eyes, what is this? If the variation of the evil beast is still within the biological category and can barely be understood, the monster in front of him is obviously as absurd as in a horror movie. From a distance, it looked like a giant tortoise with two heads. When it got closer, it was discovered that it was actually two wolf heads. Is this a guinea pig for Frankenstein? Roland thought that the giant evil beast was about the same height as the city wall, about six meters in length, and had six feet in total, shaped like rhino legs, short and thick. However, the size of a foot alone is comparable to an adult’s torso. And the two wolf heads on the head are not like the two-headed monsters that are common in the movie. They are just hanging low, their eyes dull, and moving forward slowly like a walking dead. The most eye-catching thing is probably the carapace behind the evil beast. The gray-brown surface is dull and covered with algae, and it looks extremely hard. It is like a turtle shell, covering from head to tail. If this monster can be retracted into the shell like a tortoise, it will be really difficult to kill. But Roland was not worried. An evil beast that moved so slowly was destined to be a target. Even if the gun couldn’t penetrate the carapace, it would always be possible to explode the exposed wolf head. If it is retracted into the shell, then directly blow it up with explosives. “His Royal Highness, this is a mixed species,” Iron Axe leaned in nervously, “I probably understand